We focus so much on our pain that we fail to see the lesson

For years I always wondered why God put me through so many hard trials and tribulations.

Never understanding why but always recognising that there must be a reason for it.

RoelseEvents-544 (2)

I questioned Him so many times asking things like, why me?  What did I do to deserve the pain?

But little did I know that my purpose was lying deep within it.

RoelseEvents-507 (2)

We always question God, almost like we believe that He doesn’t know what He is doing.

There is always purpose in our pain.  We are just too blind to see it.

RoelseEvents-489 (2)

Why?  Because we focus so much on our pain that we fail to see the lesson.

That’s why many of us find ourselves going through the same type of things over and over again.  Why?  Because we don’t want to listen.

RoelseEvents-456 (2)

When we were younger, our parents told us if we don’t want to listen then we must feel.

And that’s exactly how God teaches us.  He lets us do what we want, but the moment we step out of line, there is consequences.

Consequences that we have to face due to the decisions that we make.

Everything happens for a reason.  Just make sure you learn the lesson.

Stay true to yourself.


Outfit Details:

Shoes and skirt:  The Fix

Top:  Peyton Cole

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse from Roelse Events

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