Why men make women feel so cheap?

Because I am single, I have become more and more weary about the whole dating scene.

Why?  Because I have noticed that these days, men make the least amount of effort but expect the most amount of effort from you.

RoelseEvents-119 (2)

My fellow sisters have now become more independent so some men take advantage of that.

If they can’t get what they want from you, they will move on to the next woman who is willing to give them exactly what they want.

RoelseEvents-161 (2)

Here are a few things I have noticed:

They send you a DM, say one nice thing to you and then ask for your Watsapp contact.

DM’s and Watsapp messages have now become a conversation.

And Watsapp calling or a voice note has become a phone call.

My absolute favourite is,  send me a pic, instead of seeing you in person.


Guys, what happened in the past 7 years, while I was in a relationship?  So much has changed, and it’s scary.

If this is what dating is all about, then I am sorry I will remain single.  I am way too old school for this new school type of crap.

It just really amazes me, the length’s some men will take to get what they want.

RoelseEvents-227 (2)

Ladies, please take note.   Don’t allow these boys who call themselves men to use you to get what they want.  You are worth more than that.

Stay true to yourself.


Outfit Details:

Earrings and boots:  The Fix

Skirt:  Mr Price

Crop top:  Peyton Cole

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse from Roelse Events

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4 thoughts on “Why men make women feel so cheap?

  1. Charlene Mitchell says:

    Absolutely the reason I choose to be single as well, Candice. I have 2 kids of my own, I dont need to be raising or educating another woman’s grown ass kid… #lovingthesinglelife


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