Being single is a choice not a punishment

Being single to me, does not mean settling for what I can have, but rather choosing to wait for what I truly want and deserve.

For years all I ever wanted was to be loved by someone, so I ended up settling for men who didn’t deserve me.

Men who lied, cheated and mistreated me.


It took many years of bad relationships and a divorce to make me realise and see my worth.

And that’s why I’m okay and content with being on my own.


I value myself enough to know who I am and what I have to offer a man.

And, I also know what I want in a man and what I expect of him in return.

So many people don’t realise that a relationship is about give and take and if one person keeps taking and hardly gives you anything back in return then he isn’t worthy of your time.

If a man cannot see the value you add to his life then stop wasting your valuable time on him, let him go.


There are millions of people that would rather settle for what they think they can get instead of waiting for what they truly want or deserve.

Why?  Because they are afraid or ashamed of being alone.

It’s okay to be alone.  There is nothing wrong with it.  It keeps you focused, driven and in control.


And when the time comes, unexpectedly the right person will walk into your life without you even looking for him.

Stay true to yourself.


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Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse

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8 thoughts on “Being single is a choice not a punishment

  1. Safiya says:

    Love this ❤️
    Love yourself enough to wait for what you deserve. Be selective with who you allow in your space and give access to your life!


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