When your biggest challenge becomes your greatest victory

Meet Anthony Walters, a young, sexy, vibrant and hardworking student who is aspiring to become a top model.

RoelseEvents-171As a young adult Anthony was kicked out of his home on numerous occasions by his alcoholic step father.

Normally you would think children get kicked out of their homes for being disrespectful or being involved with drugs, but this wasn’t the case with Anthony Walters.

This 21 year old was just a dreamer.  He wanted to study, so that he would always have something to fall back on in case his plans didn’t work out for him.

But his Step father didn’t want to hear anything, he wanted him to give up his studies and go to work.  And of course Anthony refused because he didn’t want to become another statistic.

Imagine coming home one day and all your clothes is thrown in black bags, waiting for you to pick it up from the rubbish dump.  This is what happened to him and he ended up stranded outside his house with no place to go.

Things eventually spiralled so out of control that his uncle and aunt stepped in and decided to take him in.

Anthony then decided to stop procrastinating and used his last R200 to register himself at the Figures Finesse International Modelling Agency.

Both his parents weren’t working at that time and he was struggling to pay off his student loan.  So he spent his days washing cars and working as an extra at sin movies.


He decided one day to take a chance and entered a modelling competition in Joburg.

Using the little money he made to chase after his dreams.

Anthony didn’t win but achieved top scorer in that competition.  So, he decided to enter again but got the exact same result.

He started feeling discouraged, maybe he wasn’t good enough or doesn’t have what it takes to become a model.  All he wanted to do was give up because it costed him so much money to fly to joburg and back and he was already at a point in his life where he was struggling.

So Anthony scraped together all he had and decided to enter one last time.  This time he entered the Model of the year SA competition.

It was go big or go home and to his surprise he made history and scored the highest score in Figure history in 36 years.

After achieving success in this competition he entered the IMTA South Africa competition.  He didn’t win but he walked away with two call backs.  One from World Top Models, Japan and the other from Fenton Model Management, New York.

Even though he didn’t win this competition, he still qualified to go overseas but unfortunately had to pay for this trip out of his own pocket and didn’t have the funds to go.

But now that he knows he has what it takes to become a top model he is still hoping to raise enough funds for him to walk the runways of New York or Japan one day.  So watch this space.

Anthony believes that if you work 80 to 100 hours a week, you can achieve your dream quicker than the average person who works regular hours and strives to achieve the same dream as you.

Anthony says that he will always remain humble and hungry on his journey to success.

He receives a lot of hate from young people, just because he is bold enough to run after his dream.  They make fun of him and bully him but he doesn’t let haters get in his way.  He continues each day to reach for his dreams and he encourages others out there to be bold enough to do the same.

I hope that Anthony’s story inspires you not to accept life as it is.

And to remember that success doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes hard work, discipline and commitment.

Stay true to yourself.








CandyKween Outfit details:

Boots, polo neck and Jacket:  The Fix

Tights:  Mr price Sports

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse from Roelse Events

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