Name them and shame them

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of men leaving comments like this on my page.

Can you believe this comment was made under a status of me checking into gym.

What goes through one’s mind to write such nasty comments on someone else’s page?

And to top it all off we are not even friends.

This boy probably thought I was just going to delete the comment and move on.  Little did he know that I was going to use him as an example of how women are objectified by boys like him.

And I say boys because real men don’t make comments like this.  Only boys do.

We as women are subjected to messages like this on a daily basis.  Some keep quiet and move on and others like me make example’s out of them.

I refuse to be made to feel unworthy!  I am more than worthy!  My worth is not defined by someone else’s perception or opinion of me.

My worth is defined by me and me alone and I will not allow anyone to come on my path and make me feel otherwise.

On a daily basis we as women receive comments like, “you are fat”, “you are ugly”, “you think you are pretty but you are not” and my all time favourite, “you think you are cool but you are not”.

Why do we allow other people’s opinion’s of us to be greater than our own?

Well, enough is enough.  Today I am standing up and speaking out and I am asking every women who has been objectified and subjected to this kind of behaviour to speak up too.

Name and shame anyone who makes comments like this on your page or on messenger that think’s they can get away with it.

Maybe in this way they will start to keep their opinions to themselves instead of hiding behind their phones and computer screens trying to make others feel unworthy.

Stay true to yourself.


12 thoughts on “Name them and shame them

  1. Lameez says:

    Amen sister. Too many people men and women hide behind social media to put others down. To cowardly to face people. But there are always those with low self-esteem who will put others down.
    Good on you for exposing this low class, lack of etiquette, lack of self-esteem, cowardly individual.

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  2. Mrs Van Wyk says:

    I think that you are super gorgeous!!! You have class and finesse… all my life I had to hear from family that when they were my age they weren’t so overweight like me and out of all the grandchildren i am the fattest they would even buy me small sizes clothes for gifts over xmas season to make an example… So now that i am expecting my first born I will do my utmost best to have her know that she’s perfect… keep up the blog its Amazeballz i envy you for being so confident… Thank you

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    • Candice Lynn Christians says:

      Thank u so much for your kind words. I am so sorry to hear that u were treated this way no child or women should ever be made feel like they are inferior or unworthy. I take my hat off to you that u didn’t allow this to define who u are and that u will install great values in your child through seeing the mistakes those close to u made with u. Stay strong and stay blessed and thank u for your support ❤


  3. chanty007 says:

    Candice you so bold and beautiful. Dont even give him a second thought after this. This scumbag😠has just declared his stupidity to the world.
    Keep on being brave and beautiful❤
    Love Chanty

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    • Candice Lynn Christians says:

      Aaaw thank u so much babe. I definitely won’t but I thought it was necessary to show people that I have to deal with the same things they do and that I am not afraid to stand up and speak up when someone tries to belittle you. I am not a victim I refuse to be I am a victor. Thank u for you support babe. Much love and respect to u ❤

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  4. Meg says:

    Hey Candy, is this on your blog page? Wondering how he’s commenting if you’re not friends. Is the check in public? Super NB to not have a public FB account (unless it’s a page).

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    • Candice Lynn Christians says:

      Hey babe this is on my personal Facebook page and yes it is on public. There are many people that connect with me for business via DM on my personal page and not on my blog page. They also see my posts more on my personal page. Do if they are not following my blog they see it on my page.
      This is the risk 1 takes if u put yourself out there but I don’t mind because my blog is my voice


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