Beware of the leeches

As much as we like to help people, we need to realise that we cannot help everyone all the time.

This might sound harsh but it’s true.

To help someone out in times of need is the right thing to do.  But the moment it becomes a habit then it becomes a problem.

There are some people out there who make it a habit to ask others for help.  Not because they need it but because they know we will help.

It is however of utmost importance that we recognise when someone is taking advantage of us and when someone is really in desperate need of our help.

The reason I am saying this is because in today’s day and age, there are some people we like to call leeches.

Now a leech is something that will live off you and suck you dry until you have nothing more to give and then move on to it’s next prey.

It’s a sad reality but it’s the truth.  Some people do emulate leech like behaviour.

So be careful of them because if you give them too much leeway they will take advantage of you.

Stay true to yourself.


Roelse Events-295

Roelse Events-107

Roelse Events-270

Roelse Events-116

Roelse Events-151

Roelse Events-135

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses:  The Haute Accessory

Choker:  Luscious By Lauren

Earrings:  Lovisa

Dress:  Once Upon a Trend (CK Chic)

Belt:  The Fix

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse from Roelse Events

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