Masters of Manipulation

Why do some men think that they have so much control over us?

As if we are their puppets and they are our puppeteers?

Why do we as women allow men to make us feel inferior just because we are different?

There are so many women out there being manipulated on a daily basis by their current partners or their exes and the question is why?

Because they think we are weak.

Men know that we are emotional beings so they find ways to manipulate us by making us believe that whatever went wrong in our relationship is our fault.

They put us on a guilt trip of note that makes us feel weak and insecure and this is how they manipulate their way back into our lives again.

I know that sometimes when we are in the moment we tend to forget about the real reasons why we left them in the first place.  So, we go back only to find ourselves back in the same place we were before again.  A place of unhappiness.

In moments like these, we need to simmer down and take a moment to think.  We all know that when we break up with someone there is usually a reason why.  We didn’t just wake up one day and decide we are going to break up with our partner.  In most cases something must have happened to push us to that point.

Some men seem to think we are weak but we are not.  We are strong, beautiful and confident women, who deserve better.

If your instinct tells you that this man isn’t right for you, trust it because your instinct is there for a reason.

Ladies, I encourage you not to fall victim to this type of abuse.  Take a stand and take back your power because you are a phenomenal woman and you deserve better.

Stay true to yourself.


IMG_0463 copy

IMG_0454 copy

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Outfit Details:

Swim Suite:  Luscious By Lauren

Earrings:  Lovisa

Sunglasses:  The Haute Accessory

Photography done by Dales Sylvester from DeeSquared Photograpy

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