Think before you speak

I am ashamed to admit it, but I am guilty of doing this.

I simply just don’t think before I speak.

I know that I shouldn’t say negative things about myself, but it’s so hard when you are going through tough times to believe in that moment that things are going to get better.

Many of us, can’t even begin to realise how powerful our words are. The Bible says our tongue is like a double-edged sword so that means that our words carry a lot of power.

Our words carry so much power that it can either help uplift us or completely destroy us.

There is this poem that we have behind our bathroom door that I simply love and I thought it would be so fitting to share some of it with you:

“Watch your thoughts because they becomes words”

“Watch your words they become actions”

“Watch your actions they become habit”

“Watch your habits, they become character”

“And watch your character for it becomes your destiny”

It is extremely important that we stop allowing negative things to be in the forefront of our minds.

It is due to our fear of things that we allow such blockages to take control over our lives.

Instead of being negative, let’s choose to become more positive by speaking positive things over our lives.

We all have enough haters out there speaking bad about us all the time. Why do we need to give them more power over us by speaking badly about ourselves too.

Remember that words, dreams and thoughts have the power to create conditions in our lives.

And whatever we speak about we bring about in our lives.

So next time you want to say something, think before you speak.

Stay true to yourself.

The CandyKween

Outfit Details:

Shoes:  Mr Price

Bermuda:  Altered by myself

Top:  The Fix

Choker:  Shop Brett Robson

Sunglasses:  The Haute Accessory

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse from Roelse Events

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