Need a Lift?

Hello my Queens,

If you ever want to give your lashes that ultimate lift, the Revlon Ultimate All-in-one Mascara will do the trick.

I have been using this mascara for months now and I absolutely cannot go anywhere without it.

First I have to speak about the packaging.

It’s different from all the other mascara’s on the market. The shape of the packaging is very bold and unique and I think that Revlon has done a wonderful job by finding a way for it to stand out.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the mascara was how different the bristles were.

The brush itself has a hollow core and the bristles are quite small, which I must admit made me a bit sceptical at first.

To my surprise, those small bristles applied the mascara to my lashes so smoothly without any hassles and without picking up too much product, which normally causes smudging.

It also helped separate my lashes beautifully and gave it so much more volume, length and definition.

Ladies, you will be happy to know that the Revlon Ultimate All-in-one Mascara dries very quickly.

Everyone knows there is nothing worse than redoing your make up just because your mascara smudged, especially when you are in a hurry.

Personally, I think this gives every woman that extra bit of confidence they need when applying their make up.

What I love about this mascara is that it curls my lashes beautifully without having to make use of an eyelash curler. It gives me that extra lift that I need and it gives my lashes new life.

I know that there are many ladies out there who struggle with finding mascara that gives them volume, length, definition and a lift and if this is you the Revlon Ultimate All-in-one Mascara was made just for you.

Stay true to yourself,


Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse from Roelse Events

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