Keep your dreams silent

Have you ever heard the saying, don’t tell everyone your dreams?

Unfortunately, there are some people in this world who cannot stand seeing others making their dreams a reality.

Not everyone is going to be for you in this lifetime, there will always be someone who will be against you. That unfortunately is how life works.

Many of us seem to think that if people have dreams and they make more effort than the average person does in their appearance that they are stuck up and think they are better others.

But that my dear friend is so far from the truth.

Real talk: Do you know that you actually have to invest in yourself in order for you to get more out of yourself? The reality is that people judge you based on your appearance.

They don’t know you but they will base their opinion of you solely on what they see right in front of them. This is a fact.

That is why it is so important to stay true to you. Block out the negative chatter from all the haters and surround yourself with people who give you life and speak positivity into your life. Dress up to show up and allow your passion and ambition to direct your path.

Always stay relevant and make sure you keep shining so that people will always remember you.

People will always talk, so let them. Who cares?

Haters will always hate and many of them will talk bad about you without even really knowing you.

So let me just remind you that destiny chasers don’t live their lives to please others but they live their lives to be of service to others.

If you are a destiny chaser remember to keep quiet, work hard in silence and share your success. Why? Because I believe that success is the best form of revenge.

Remember the less people know the better.

Stay true to yourself.



Boots:  The Fix

Culotte:  Vintage

Bodysuit:  The Fix

Belt:  Shop Brett Robson

Choker:  Woolworths

Sunglasses:  The Haute Accessory

Clutch:  Vintage

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse from Roelse Events

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