When it seems that there is no end in sight

Have you ever felt like your entire life is hanging by a thread and at any moment you feel like you are going to break?

Like everything that you have worked so hard for in your life is being taken away from you within a matter of moments by something or someone who is so undeserving of it?

Like your life is about to change and all you can see is the struggle with no end in sight?

No one likes to admit it but it hurts.

Sometimes the enemy hits us so hard that it hurts. For me, the worst part of it is that you have absolutely no control over it. The only control you have is how you are going to handle it.

Are you going to party and drink your problems away or are you going to find ways to influence your life in a positive way?

Personally, when life hits me the hardest I turn to God. I find comfort in reading my Bible and I try to get myself inspirational books to gain more wisdom. I also go to the gym to get the physical release that I need to be able to go on.

Truthfully, when you are being hit in all areas in your life it can make you very weak and that is exactly what the enemy wants to happen.

He wants you to become weak in the flesh. He wants you to feel sorry for yourself and look down on yourself. He wants you to get sick, feel inferior, undeserving and unloved.

All he wants is for you to turn to worldly things instead of turning to God for wisdom.

The further he can draw you away from the Lord the better because then he has more control over you and you no longer pose a threat to him and his kingdom.

When we face hard times it doesn’t happen for nothing. We might not see it now but God is preparing us for something new.

Everything in our lives has purpose and when the enemy sees where God is going to take us he will do anything and everything in his power to stop us from getting to the place we are supposed to be.

God will never give us a cross that’s too heavy for us to carry. He knows our strength more than we do.

Stay true to yourself.



Boots:  Foschini

Fishnet stockings:  Woolworths

Shorts:  The Fix

Shirt:  Mr Price

Choker:  Shop Brett Robson

Glasses:  The Haute Accessory

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse of Roelse Events

Photo’s were taken at Deluxe Coffee Works

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