Scared to be lonely

Why are so many of us afraid to be alone?

Does anyone even know the answer to that question?

Many people sleep around looking for love and affection in the wrong places and this stems from being lonely.

But sleeping with someone isn’t going to fill the emptiness you have inside; all it does is make that hole within yourself even bigger.

Some people even make themselves stay in unhealthy and unhappy relationships because of this.

But let’s just get real here, no one can fix a situation if they haven’t looked at the route cause of the problem.

There are so many people who jump from one relationship to the next and end up never addressing the real problem.

Why? Because they feel like if they are with someone they will feel less lonely.

But guess what? The truth is we need to spend more quality time with ourselves.

We need to get to know ourselves again because somewhere along the line we have lost ourselves and we need to take the time out to find ourselves again.

Learn to deal with our problems head on, instead of running away from them and stop trying to find things or people to occupy that space in the meantime because it’s not going to fix the problem.

We need to find a way to become comfortable with ourselves again and to remind ourselves of who we are and what our worth is.

We need to learn to appreciate the time we have by ourselves because when someone else comes along and occupies that space we will wish we took that time out to be on our own.

Stay true to yourself.



Sneakers:  All Star Converse

T-shirt dress:  The Fix

Jacket:  Legit

Choker:  Mr Price

Sunglasses: Edgars

Photography done by Aimee Lakey

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