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Many people don’t know when it is the right or appropriate time to share their testimony.

I believe that one cannot speak about something if you are still going through it.
How can one possibly help others if you are still in the midst of your own struggle?

To me, the right or appropriate time to speak about something is when you have overcome it.

Why? Because the main purpose of an overcomer is to share his/her testimony to help others.

So many people are reluctant to share their testimonies because they are fearful of people passing judgement on them.

Why are you afraid of other people? Who are they and why are their opinions of you so important?

Isn’t God’s opinion of you more important?

People need to realise that we are all on this earth for a reason. We go through trials to help others once we have overcome it. But so many of us are too afraid of what others think, so we keep our victories to ourselves.

Many people don’t know that when we share our testimonies with others, God gives us the power to help others get through it.

Without realising it, we give them faith to trust in God and to know that He is in control.

We give them hope, to believe that their circumstances will change and to remind them that it will not last forever. We also give them the strength to hold on and to keep on pushing forward.

Food for thought: How selfish would I be if I keep my victories to myself?

A victory is not a secret. It is something that needs to be a celebrated. If it helps change or save a life then why not share it?

Remember that a true testimony helps save not only lives but souls too.

Stay true to yourself.


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