Salvation Army Charity Run

On Sunday 21 May 2017, my friend Tamlin and I had the privilege of attending the Salvation Army Charity Run that was held at the Caltex garage opposite Alto Motors in Kuils River.

This event was hosted by the Biker Club called; The Syndicate MC and two of their chapters namely the Helderberg & Boland Chapters.

Initially this event was started in the Westrand, Gauteng area by one of its members Pet Beyer.

Pet wanted to support the good work of the Salvation Army and decided to get involved in it. The Westrand Chapter who she rides with then decided to their bit and help support her in the cause by turning this event into a Biker Charity Event.

Attie Myburgh was so inspired by Pet and the Westrand Chapter that he decided to expand this event to the Western Cape.

The Salvation Army Carehaven is a shelter and a place of comfort for many abused women and children. They have several bases and they are doing phenomenal work helping women and children in their time of need. Many of their staff members don’t get paid for the work that they do and for that they need to be commended.

It is for that reason that the Salvation Army Charity Run tries to help out as much as they can in support of this cause. Last year they managed to expand the run to Port Elizabeth where The Syndicate MC PE Chapters were the hosts of the charity run and this year their Border Chapter will be hosting the charity run in East London.

Their aim is to expand the Salvation Army Charity run all over South Africa and to make it bigger and even better over time.

Even though this is a Biker Charity event, this event was opened to the public as well and is held every year in Kuils River in the month of May.

The MC Salvation Army Charity Run would like to take this opportunity to thank the following Sponsors for supporting their event and to commend them for doing their part in making the world a better place.

The prizes at the event were sponsored by:

Golden Valley who sponsored 2 B&B & Dinner Accommodations

Barons Bikes who sponsored a service voucher of the value of R1500

Esani Panel beaters who sponsored a R5000 voucher

Viper Lounge Tableview who sponsored a R1140 voucher

I have to say that it was a bit disappointing to see that there were no community members of the Kuils River area who weren’t bikers that came out to support this event.

It only takes a moment to drop off a bag of old woman’s or children’s clothing and in doing so you will help change another person’s life.

If you are not wearing the clothing that is stored up in your cupboard, who are you keeping it for and when are you actually going to wear it?

Why can’t we all just stand together as a community and start supporting events like these who are clearly trying to make a difference in this cruel world that we are living in.

I really hope that going forward the Kuils River Community will come out in their numbers and do their bit to help support this cause.

Remember that by giving with an open heart, you are sowing a seed into another person’s life and in turn you will be blessed for that.

It is always better to give than to receive because giving is a blessing on its own.

Stay true to yourself.


PS. Congratulations to all the winners of the wine hampers.  I am sure they didn’t let a drop of it go to waste LOL.

Photo’s were taken on a smart phone by: Tamlin Jeposa

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