DUB Fitness Motivational Video

Welcome to the very first edition of Destiny Unlocked Motivational Videos.

Words cannot describe to you the amount of excitement I am feeling right now.

I have had this concept in my head for months now and finally it is coming into fulfillment.

I am incredibly blessed to have found someone like Matthew Dean Martin. To me, he was definitely God sent.

Matthew is not only a brilliant visualizer but he is also extremely talented and very good at what he does. He is only 21 years old but already owns his own production company called Split Diamond Productions.

His company specialises in photography and videography and has already done numerous music videos for local artists in and around Cape Town.

Matthew and I met on Facebook about a year ago where he approached me to do a blogger type video collaboration. At that time, I was still fresh in the blogging industry and was very nervous about doing videos.

Months later, instead of doing a blogger type video, I approached Matthew with an entire different concept. I decided that I wanted to take a different approach on my videos and preferred to use this platform to motivate others instead of only uplifting myself.

My vision for this video was focused mainly on the “3 F’s ” friendship, fitness and fun.

The message behind this video is to make people realise that they need to stop making excuses as to why they cant work out and to show them that you can take fitness with you wherever you go and have fun while doing it too.

I hope you all enjoy this video as much as we did making it.

I would like to thank my friends Tamlin Jeposa, Robyn Fritz, Courtney Roelse, Kim-lee Schaffers, Allan Rodger Williams, Aldo Damon, Wade James Paulse, Gerhard Bam, Jeremy Kloppers and Ashley Roebeck for helping me make this video a reality.

You guys are awesome and without you this video would not exist.

I would also like to thank Matthew Dean Martin and his crew for making my vision come to life and for displaying the message I am trying to get out there so well.

Stay true to yourself.



Photography done by:  Alan Sarenge

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4 thoughts on “DUB Fitness Motivational Video

  1. Tamlin says:

    I really hope that this enspires everyone to take fitness everywhere with them…its not hard especially wen u have great company! Was so wonderful being apart of ur vision❤

    Liked by 1 person

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