Love yourself

Many of us don’t realise how important it is for us to love ourselves.

How can we possibly love others if we don’t start with ourselves first?

So many of us look in the mirror and only see the things we want to change.

We never see the positive attributes that we have and try to build on them; we are rather more focused on the negative things that we want to change about ourselves.

When are we going to realise that if we continue to look at ourselves in this manner, we are only going to break ourselves down in the process.

Shouldn’t we be building ourselves up instead?

How can we allow ourselves to be the cause of our own insecurities?

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with wanting to change something about yourself but I believe that change can only be good when it comes from a good place in your heart.

In my opinion when we start loving ourselves, we become a different person. We start carrying ourselves with confidence because we know our self worth.

Being self confident mustn’t be mistaken for cockiness. There is a big difference.

There is just something about a person when they walk in confidence. Their inner radiance begins to shine and people start seeing a different side of them. Many people like me find this quality very attractive.

When you love yourself you take time and make the effort to groom yourself well because we all know if we look good we feel good.

Self love starts with you. When you truly start loving yourself, you will see that your outlook on life changes and you start focusing much more on the positive things in life and spend way less time focusing on the negative.

Stay true to yourself.



Shoes: Rage (Vintage)

Skirt: Mr Price

Turtle Neck:  Legit

Sunglasses: Legit

Fur Coat: Hand me down from my Grandmother (Vintage)


Sunglasses: Gift

Dress: Mr Price

Fur Coat: Vintage

Shoes: Foschini

Photography done by Dale Sylvester from Deesquared Photography

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4 thoughts on “Love yourself

  1. Tamlin says:

    I totally agree girl…for me… when i started prioritising myself more, appreciating myself more, and valuing myself more it seems that all of the things that used to make me happy, (that I have previously been to scared or insecure to attempt) Now doesnt seem so daughnting anymore. Fear subsides and Im more free and open to doing things Iv lways wanted to do!

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