Don’t you just hate it when someone has absolutely no filter?

The things that come out of some guy’s mouths make me do a double take thinking, did I just hear right or hell no he didn’t just say that.

I, personally cannot stand a man that has no filter for his mouth.

For me, that is a complete turn off!

In my opinion, some men need to realise that not every woman takes things up the same way as men do.

Everyone is different and that is what makes us so unique.

Stop trying to impress us by showing us how funny or arrogant you are. We don’t care about that.

Just be yourself, because guess what?   That’s what we like.

Most women like a man who is real, who has no hidden agendas, who is straight forward and to the point and who can actually hold a decent conversation.

Here is some advice from me to you.  Never ever speak to a woman like she is one of your boys.

Show her some respect, because guess what she deserves it.

Stay true to yourself.



Shoes: Foschini

Jegging:  The Fix

Camisole: The Fix

Shirt:  Mr Price

Choker:  Shop Brett Robson

Sunglasses:  Edgars

Photography done by Aimee Lakey

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