Back in the day

Who remembers the days when a guy would ask you for your number? Every time the house phone rang, you ran to the phone to answer it, hoping it was him on the other side.

Who remembers talking for hours on the telephone and then your mother or father shouts from inside, “Are you still on the phone?” You then have to cut the call short and whilst you put the phone down, embarrassment is the first word that comes to mind.

Do you remember stealing phone and when your mother or father comes down the passage, you will hang up on the person? I personally did that a couple of times LOL.

Remember when a guy asked you out on a date and he took you to the movies and actually paid for it himself.

This one I remember like it was yesterday. Walking next to the guy you like and your hands keep touching until you eventually hold hands. Holding hands back then meant that you were dating that person.

Who remembers their first kiss? Was it wet? Was it too much tongue? Did the guy know what he was doing?

Who misses blues music? I do. I remember that blues music gave you the opportunity to dance close with the person you might have had a crush on or been eyeing for a while but didn’t have the guts to tell the person you liked them.

Things are so different now. People don’t even pick up the phone to call you anymore, it’s always I don’t have airtime LOL.

In my opinion, technology has made people so lazy; no one wants to makes an effort for anyone anymore.

Technology has made things easier but it took away the human factor and that is the saddest part.

Stay true to yourself.



Shoes: Legit

Bermuda shorts: The Fix altered and cut into a bermuda by myself

Velvet Camisole: The Fix

Choker: Shop Brett Robson

Sunglasses: The Haute Accessory

Watch: Guess

Photography by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse of Roelse Events

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