Beware of the 80/20 Rule

To be in a committed relationship or marriage takes hard work. This means you must be willing to put in the effort to make it work.

In today’s world, being faithful to your partner is outdated and being unfaithful is the new thing.

I could never understand why people cheat on each other. Can someone please tell me why it is so hard for people to be faithful and honest? Why can’t they just tell each other what is lacking in their relationships and what they expect from each other going forward?

To me, being open and honest about how you feel about certain things is the key to a successful relationship or marriage. Whether it’s the sex that is getting boring, your partner’s personal hygiene that is becoming unbearable, the way your partner makes you feel when you together or apart or even how your partner treats you in public and in private.

The problems always seem to start when we hide things from one another and when we hide how we feel.

When there are underlying issues in our relationships that are not dealt with, our eyes start to wander and this is when cheating starts.

One might meet someone and this person has some of the qualities that your current partner or spouse lacks and immediately you become attracted to that person. The problem is, when you cheat and your partner finds out, you stand to lose someone that you really love and the chances are that you might never find a person like your current partner again.

People normally go after the 20% because it looks so attractive at that moment and it is easy to get but ends up losing 80% of what they already have and that my dear friends is the saddest part of it all.

Instead of speaking to each other, being open and honest with one another about things you end up ruining and losing everything you have worked so hard for in the years that you have been together. And we all know that once a relationship is ruined it’s hard to pick up the pieces and put it back together again so you end things to make it easier.

Always remember that being honest is everything, even if it hurts.

Stay true to yourself.



Sunglasses: Edgars

Choker: Shop Brett Robson

Dress: Tara Courtene’

Jacket: Legit

Shoes: Legit

Watch: Guess

Photography done by Aimee Lakey

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6 thoughts on “Beware of the 80/20 Rule

  1. Tamlin says:

    Love this post girl….u talkin real stuff here…thank you for reminding me what to look out for…that 20% is so deceveing…👍and u look to fly in this pics…love the white and blue👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Olivia Ingham says:

    I’m very proud of u! So many women are being deceived, even the good men are. So it really is a subject to be delt with and taken seriously. U spend most of ur time with that person. If u can’t work it out move on because life is short and no one has time to waste on someone that is going to take u for granted. Live ur best life and do u/ what makes u happy! #loveugirl 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    • Candice Lynn Christians says:

      Aaaw thanks Olivia appreciate it. You are right there are many women and men that get cheated on and they weren’t even aware that their partners were unhappy about something. That is why I felt the need to share my thoughts on this to help people realise that without open communication and honesty in a relationship there is nothing


  3. Dunusha says:

    Dont i just love this post.What you are saying is so true.Even if its going to break you apart rather be open and honest about your feelings then to cheat and even get caught out and then still move on with your life with the person you had a fling with…but the Fact remains is that new person wont ever fill your shoes especially when have been a couple for many years and getting over that person is going to take you a i agree with you Candice.

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