Choose Happiness

Why do we give people and our circumstances the power to steal our joy and happiness?

Are our situations going to change if we continue to be negative about it? No, it isn’t.

Is what people think and say about us that important?

If no, then why do we allow their negativity to get to us? And why do we allow these kinds of things to set the tone for the rest of our day?

To me, happiness is not only just an emotion but it is a state of mind.

It is something that we choose to be.

We choose to be happy, sad, angry, stressed and sometimes even depressed. What we need to realise is that none of these negative emotions will ever fix our situations. It will only make things worse.

There will always be things that will happen in our lives that will be beyond our control.

Why, because life isn’t perfect.

That is why it is so important for us not to allow these things to consume our minds and take control of our lives because it will end up making us sick.

Remember that we have the power to change the way we look at things and we have the power to change it.

Stop allowing the enemy to steal your joy from you, take it back and claim what is rightfully yours.

Stay true yourself.



Sunglasses: The Haute Accessory

Choker: Shop Brett Robson

Dress: Mr Price

Belt: Shop Brett Robson

Watch: Guess

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse of Roelse Events

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