Haters will hate

No matter what you do in life, whether it’s good or bad, there will always be someone waiting in the woodworks to hate on you.

Haters in my opinion are cowards. They hide behind an alias, a computer or a cellphone.

Their mouths are so big when they comment on social media, but I am sure if they should ever see you in person, they won’t be able to say two words to you.

Why hide behind a mask to say something to someone? Only cowards do that.

Haters feed off breaking people’s character down. They are always trying to make others feel small or inferior just so that they can feel better about themselves on the inside.

The only reason why these type of people will hate on you is because you are ensuing your dreams, your goals and aspirations in life and they are not.

Instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen, you my dear friend can make them happen! Know that your ambitious drive is killing them on the inside.

Deep down they secretly wish they had what you had.

Why else would they be following someone they don’t like?

Remember that haters will always hate, but it depends on what you do with the negative energy because it will either make you or break you. Use their hate to fuel your fire, to make you hungrier to achieve even greater success in your life.

Stay true to yourself.



Shoes:  Legit

Dress: Mr Price

Denim Jacket: Legit

Choker: Shop Brett Robson

Watch: Guess

Sunglasses:  Luscious By Lauren


Shoes: Legit

Pants:  The Fix

Top:  The Fix

Photography done by Aimee Lakey

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