Come take a look into Kelz Klozet

Meet Kelly Ohlsen Founder and Owner of the fashion label, Kelz Klozet.

This young vibrant and bubbly woman grew up in a big family which consists of 3 brothers and one sister.

Everyone who grew up in a big family knows that clothes are not cheap and in most cases getting hand me downs from siblings is nothing new.

Kelly knew all too well how it felt to get hand me downs and for many years she yearned to have beautiful clothes of her own.

Like many young girls out there, Kelly expressed her love for fashion by dressing up her Barbie dolls in her own little handmade outfits that she made with the off cut material her mother brought home from work.

Being a young woman with a very petite figure, she always struggled to get a snug fit from clothing that she bought in the stores. Every time she buys something she has to alter it and for many woman this can be costly and a huge frustration.

This made her realise more than ever before that she needed to start her own clothing line.

Kelly didn’t want to just start any clothing line, but she wanted to start one that doesn’t just cater for one body type but that caters for all. She says that clothing should fit perfectly no matter what size you are.

Kelly decided to study Linguistics at the University of the Western Cape and continued to experiment with her clothes.

Like many of us, she couldn’t always afford to buy herself new clothes every month, so she had to become more creative. She started using dresses as tops and turned her pants into shorts just to spice up her wardrobe a little bit.

Many people encouraged her to start blogging but her mind was too focused on finishing her studies.

Kelly then landed her dream job at Media 24 as a sub-editor and that is where her true vision for herself in fashion came to life.

Kelly and her colleague, who is also a fashion soldier herself, started taking daily OOTD pictures and started uploading these pictures onto social media using the hashtag #kelzklozet. So many of her friends made fun of her and instead of calling her by her name they called her Kelz Klozet and that’s where the name for her label came from.

Working in the media industry opened up so many possibilities for her and one day she stumbled across an article about a well known Fashion blogger called Brett Robson who also owns her own fashion label. When she saw her it was like she saw herself in her and it made her start to believe that if Brett could do it then so could she.

After just 6 months, right before her 25th birthday, she decided that she was going to launch her first range of clothing with the help of 3 very talented designers, Tara Courtene’, Cynthia Mc Farlane and Sibondha.

Kelly has always seen herself more as a stylist than a fashion designer or blogger, so she recruited 12 young women of different ages and sizes to represent her brand.

She says, what we wear, shouldn’t make us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Clothes should fit us well, no matter what size we are.

Kelly’s fashion label, Kelz Klozet custom makes garments to fit your body perfectly. She believes that trends fade but style remains eternal.

Stay true to yourself.


The Famous Fashion Designer, Carolina Herrera believes that fashion has always been a repetition of ideas but what makes it new is the way you put it together.”

PS. These pictures were taken at the Kelz Klozet Fashion Show.  The make up for the show was done by Beauty byy Shan and I was the MC on the night.

Photography done by Courtney Roelse of Roelse Events

Jeweller : Lorraine Stander

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