Are your footsteps ordered?

Psalm 37:23 says “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.”

I don’t think many of us realise the importance of this Bible verse. Every single thing that we do in life requires steps.

Steps are there to guide us and to keep us on the right track. It allows us to get from one place in our lives to the next.

It also gives us the experience and exposure we need to become successful in life.

It helps us realise that everything takes time and that nothing happens over night.

Establishing order in our lives is the key to achieving success and in order for us to do so, we need to start prioritising the important things in our lives.  We need to write them down and tick them off as we go along.

We need to remain focused and not waste our time and energy on things that are just meant to distract us.

I know that we cannot always give equal attention to everything in our lives, but the most important thing is, that we do not neglect the same area of our lives on a daily basis.

There are too many people in this world that say , I will do it tomorrow and then tomorrow becomes next week and next week becomes next month and next month becomes next year and next year becomes never.

There is no better time to start than today.

There are so many things that we could get back if we wanted to but unfortunately time isn’t one of them.

Remember that God never created one person to be better than the next. We were all given a purpose and a destiny  and its up to us to fulfill it.

Stop wasting your time comparing yourself to others. We were all created to be special and unique in our own way.

Don’t let your fear be greater than your faith.  Make sure that your steps are ordered by the Lord, because if you do, success is waiting for you just around the corner.

Stay true to yourself.



Shoes: The Fix

Leather shorts: The Fix

Zip up bodysuit: The Fix

Coat: Mr Price (purchased last year)

Watch: Guess

Sunglasses : Edgars

Cap:  Lemon Clothing & Apparel

Fluffy bag: The Fix

Clip in extensions: Loxology hair extensions

Photography done by: Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse

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