Friends with Benefits

I have never really understood the whole point of being friends with benefits. To me it’s a complete waste of time and a poor excuse for people to enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship without actually committing to one.

The sad thing is, that it’s actually becoming extremely popular amongst the youth. These days, I hear they calling it “Don’t koppel feelings” meaning don’t develop feelings.

Real talk: When you get involved with anyone in a sexual manner, you have to be some what attracted to that person. You are definitely going to start hanging out more because you’re not just going to have sex with that person and then tell them to leave.  I mean that would just be cruel.  One of you will eventually start developing feelings for the other and in the end one of you will end up getting hurt.

I know that there are many people out there that would sacrifice their feelings, just to have one single moment with the boy or girl that they really like. In my opinion losing your self respect over a boy or girl is not worth your time or effort.

People need to realise that sleeping around comes with consequences. Not only do you get a bad reputation for it but you also end up hurting people in the process and Karma always has a way of getting you back for the things you did in your past when you least expect it.

Being a player amongst your friends might be cool for now but if the guy or girl that you really like doesn’t want to give you the time of day because of that very cool reputation, you won’t feel so cool anymore.

As I said before in my previous post, you are what you put out there for others to see.

Having so many different sexual partners’ puts you at risk of catching STD’s, getting someone pregnant or worse, getting HIV/Aids. Are you ready for that kind of life changing commitment?

Don’t ever say that it won’t happen to you because I am sure that are many people out there today who can testify, that they too said the same thing and are now living their lives with the mistakes they made in their past and some of them never lived to tell the tale.

Things like this happen in the spur of the moment, so think before you act and realise the seriousness of it. Remember that every action has a consequence.

Will you be ready for it, if it God forbid happens to you? It sounds scary but it is the truth.

Food for thought: The only reason why people don’t want to commit to being in a relationship is because they are afraid of commitment and they don’t want to get hurt. At the end of the day, getting hurt is part of life and the sooner we accept it, the better.

Don’t ever open up a door for someone else to use you as their booty call. You are worth way more than that.

Time is precious, so don’t waste it on someone that doesn’t really want to be with you.

Stay true to yourself.



Shoes: Mr Price

Skirt: The Fix

Bodysuit: Mr Price

Jacket: Mr Price

Choker: Lovisa

Watch: Guess

Earrings: Mr Price

Photography done by: Radcliffe Roelse

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15 thoughts on “Friends with Benefits

  1. uhalbry says:

    Aah, thanx so much, Candice, for once again hitting the nail on the head 🙂 Loving the current, thoughtprovoking topics. And best of all.. THE PICTURES!!! *LOL* Keep on keeping on, girl. Mwah!

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