Classy is Key

Can someone please remind me where the days are that people actually liked you because they admired your smile, eyes, style or confidence?

When did it all of a sudden become so popular amongst the youth, to start posting pictures of themselves in their underwear?

These days the amount of likes they accumulate after a single photo post has become an obsession to them.

The problem with this is, the moment they don’t get enough likes they resort to posting pictures in their underwear and make themselves believe that this is the only way people will actually like their photos but the devil is a liar, this is not the truth.

When I see things like this it scares me because my daughter Kaylie must still become a teenager and if this is what is going on, on social media right now I don’t even want to begin to think what it will be like then.

My grandparents taught me not to be a follower but to be a leader. Just because other people are doing it doesn’t mean that I must do it.

Love yourself enough to be your own person and respect yourself and your body enough to know that you are worth way more than the amount of likes you get on a picture.

Nobody, in my opinion should ever feel like they need to resort to selling their bodies on social media just to get more likes. Posting pictures in your underwear just gives people the wrong impression of who you are as a person. They will think that you are desperate and that you will do just about anything to get people to like your photos.

Real Talk: The truth of the matter is that majority of the likes we get on social media aren’t even real or genuine, sometimes people only like our photos so that we can like theirs back.

Posting photos in your underwear can also become very dangerous because any Tom, Dick or Harry can copy and save your photos and then repost them on any website or group they want. You won’t even know your photo’s are up on the internet until someone you know actually see’s it and tells you about it and this is when the bullying, name calling and body shaming really begins. It’s so sad but so true.

I have learnt that whatever you put out there for the world to see becomes an advertisement of you. It becomes your image, your brand and a part of who you are.

I think that a woman who carries herself with confidence and class is extremely sexy.

Stay true to yourself.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you know that when you apply for a job, the first thing companies look at is your Facebook profile because it will tell them a lot about who you are as a person? Do you think that a company will employ you if the things you post on your profile go against their company’s values and behaviours?

Outfit Details:

Choker: Lovisa

Earrings: Mr Price

Watch: Guess

Lace Dress: Mr Price

Bomber Jacket: Legit

Shoes: Legit

Bag: The Fix

Photography done by: Radcliffe Roelse

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