When I was little, my grandparents instilled certain values in me.

I was taught to always be myself, to be honest, to say please and thank you and to respect my elders. I was also taught to remain humble, to always stay prayerful and to put my trust in God for everything.

Growing up, my grandparents wanted to ensure that I knew the Lord, so they enrolled me into Sunday school and when I reached the tender age of 13 I had to attend confirmation classes to become a member of our church.

My grandfather was a firm believer that you must be in church every Sunday. He didn’t care if I just came home at 05:00 in the morning after a heavy night of partying, in fact he would purposefully open up the curtains and windows in my room and wake me up saying “Moet nie van die nag, dag maak en van die dag nag maak nie”, meaning don’t make your night time your day time and your day time your night time LOL.

That just taught me that if I want to party, I must be able to stand up and go to church.

Today, I am a parent myself and I still remember every single thing my grandparents taught me back then. There were many times that I strayed off the right path but because my grandparents laid a solid foundation in my life when I was still very young, I always managed to find my way back.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. As parents we don’t always realise that the examples we set for our children when they are still young will mould and shape them into the person they will grow up to be one day.

We need to remember that our children are like sponges, they soak up everything we say and do and sometimes we think that they not paying attention but they actually are.

Stay true to yourself.


Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse

Outfit Details:

Camisole: The Fix

Bodysuit: The Fix

Skirt: The Fix (I altered the length of the skirt myself)

Watch: Guess

Shoes: Legit

Sunglasses : Spitfire


Cap: Mr Price

Shirt: Mr Price

Skirt: Mr Price

Sneakers: All Stars

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