Thick Calve Problems

Who has thick calve problems like me?

I love having thick curvaceous calves but I have to admit that in the past it became a huge struggle for me when it came to wearing long boots.

I know that for some people it might sound stupid, but not if you are a shoe lover like me.

For years I felt like the shoe designers in South Africa weren’t catering for people like me. Don’t they know that there are many woman out there with different calve sizes?

In the past, it was so disappointing, because I felt like I wasn’t given a lot of options when it came to wearing long boots. The choices I had was either the boot couldn’t zip up or if I finally got the boot to zip up, it choked the hell out of me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some ankle boots but I really hated feeling like my choices of wearing long boots were limited.

Well ladies, after many years of searching I am so happy to announce that I finally found the perfect pair of thigh high boots. When I fitted it on for the first time, I just had to have it. I fell so much in love with it because of the fit that I actually bought myself the black and the off brown pair.

Yes, you have seen me in these boots before, but I just had to do a blog post on the struggles I had not being able to find a long pair of boots that fit.

This boot is made by Luella and has no zip. Yes you heard me right no zip.

This means it hugs your calves perfectly when you put it on. All you have to do is pull it up when you put it on and pull it down again when you want to take them off.

No hassles with zips not wanting to pull up or pull down .

It actually has a tie string at the back of the boot which you can adjust if you want to tighten or loosen the boot at the top.

I am totally obsessed with these boots. It’s oober sexy and quite comfy as well.

Usually sexy and comfy don’t always go together when it comes to high heels LOL but in this case it definitely does.

I paid R899 for these boots at Foschini but that was in the beginning of the winter season. Who knows maybe you will get it cheaper because it is winter sale season after all, so keep your eyes peeled.

I am so happy that I can finally wear my long boots over my jeans. Yes ladies, the struggle was definitely real but now the struggle is over.

I would definitely advise any woman that has thick calves like me to invest in a pair of boots like these.

Stay true to yourself.


Outfit Details :

Sunglasses:  Legit

Choker: Mr Price

Top: The Fix

Skirt: The Fix

Leather Jacket: Mr Price

Boots: Luella

Watch: Guess

Photography done by Radcliffe Roelse and Courtney Roelse

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