Hip Hop-eration

Over the years, Hip hop has become very influential all over the world.

It has influenced things like fashion, social behaviour and lifestyle. Brands have seen this as a huge opportunity for them to collaborate with artists, because of the huge influence they have over their followers.

Throughout the years big brands like Nike, Adidas and Louis Vuitton etc, have been approaching Hip Hop artists to promote their brand in their lyrics and music video’s. They have seen this as a great marketing tool to get us as the consumers to purchase their products.

We all know South African Hip Hop artist AKA and his song “Congratulate”. In this song he mentions JC Le Roux and he advertises the champagne as he celebrates his success in his music video. This automatically opens a new door for JC Le Roux and links the brand to everyone who will be celebrating their successes in the future.

How many times have we watched music video’s and admired the fashion in it? At times, we have even tried to imitate it, wishing it was affordable and wondering where we could get our hands on it. Today, they have made things so much easier for us as the consumer’s, that we can get just about anything we want at a click of a button.

Remember when the music video for the song “Loyal” came out, Chris Brown, Tyga and Little Wayne made the e-cigarette extremely popular during that time. Smokers and non smokers were flocking to tobacco stores to see if they could get their hands on it.

Every photo you saw on social media at that time was either with someone smoking or posing with an e-cigarette and today, we still see pop up kiosk’s in mall’s selling every brand of the e-cigarette and flavour that you can find.

The shoe brand Timberland, which has always been known to us as an elite brand here in South Africa, has now targeted a new market. Timberland has made its way into credit facility stores like Sportscene, which makes the brand more accessible and more affordable for consumers to buy.

The great news for all the fashionista’s out there is, the fact that it can now be purchased on credit.

As we can see, Hip Hop influences us by showing us the type of clothes we want to wear, the cars we want to be seen driving in, it shows us what type of parties we should be hosting or attending and it even tells us what we should be drinking.

Next time you watch music videos, look at what they are trying to sell you. You will be amazed at what you will see.

It just proves once again that music has a huge influence on us as the consumer because ultimately we want what they are selling and what they are selling us is status.

Stay true to yourself.



Bad flatbill:  Mr Price

Black Bodycon: Mr Price

Legwarmers: Turning Point

Parker Jacket: Mr Price

Timberland Look alike: The Fix

Sunglasses: Edgars

Wearing clip in Loxology Hair Extensions

Courtney Roelse:

Over the knee boot: Luella

Black Jegging: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing

White crop top: Factorie

Chubby foax fur coat: Mr Price

Bandana: Sportscene

Sunglasses: Cotton On

Kim Lee Schaffers:

Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

Ripped Jeans: Sissy Boy

Black and red check shirt: Mr Price

White crop top: Mr price

Sunglasses: Vintage time piece

Cap: Cotton On

Thaine Wippenaar:

Sneakers: Nike Airmax Zero

Jeans: Stone Harbor

Shirt: Woolworths

Parker Jacket: Edgars

Photography done by: Radcliffe Roelse of Roelse Events

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